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23 Sep 2014

New in the Community

Lego Robot Upgrade Armor


Uploaded 9/23/2014

This robot is basically FCFGDB (Fast Castorbot For Good Driving Bases) and is a protection mount. Looks pretty cool, but I admit it doesn't do much.

Mini Merry Go Round


Uploaded 9/23/2014

This is a mini merry go round... Works, but can't really explain. It spins with one motor and is basic. So nothing wrong with this post, right?

The NEW Chompybot


Uploaded 9/23/2014

Remember ChompyBot? It/He (I don't know) was a simple robot with 4 wheels. Today, I introduce to you, The New Chompybot (All it is is normal ChompyBot with Treads, I just thought the name looked cool) Chompybot now has better turning rates. Hope you liked it! Also, the Tread idea was brought up by @luckeshev

NXT RoboHand 2


Uploaded 9/22/2014

Okay, I know that I said the MicroHand would be the last hand, but I really wanted to do this one. The reason? Because I found out how to make the fingers bend at two joints instead of only one, unlike my previous hands, and I want to make up for The Failure of the NXT EV3 SuperHand. Other than that, this is very similar to the NXT RoboHand 1. And like the RoboHand 1, Iwas limited to only three motors, which means that there are only three groups of fingers that move together. However, that does not mean it is as if the fingers are connected, one finger can move more than another, even if they are in the same group. There is no program yet, I plan on making one soon. As for an LDD, this hand is too complicated and intricate that an LDD would take too long, and most people do not have the pieces from two NXT sets and an EV3 set. (The reason I don't have the electronics from both NXT sets is because my dog urinated on my first NXT set, which ruined all the electronics. I don't like my dog anymore.) Anyway, no LDD. However, I will try to explain how the fingers work, so maybe you can create a hand of your own. Read the dowloadable file for more information...



Uploaded 9/22/2014

I'm finally back with a new robot (left)! This is a sumo bot I made to compete against my brother's (right). I tried to give it the lowest ground clearance I possibly could. I geared it down to almost 4/1 to give it a really good amount of torque. I am still not very good at making programs, so I just made it RC with the commander app. I would like to put a video but I've already taken it apart. If you would like to know about my brother's robot, click MORE INFO.