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22 Aug 2014

New in the Community

Colour Sort3r PRO


Uploaded 8/22/2014

Colour Sort3r PRO is a simple colour sorter. I only have 2 treads and 4 motors, so I had to build a simplified version of what I imagined. Anyway, here it is! Colour Sort3r PRO has, of course a colour sensor. And 2 motors. Now, I'll get into it later, but Colour Sort3r PRO uses only 1 large motor to power 2 different treads, at different speeds. Weird, huh? Well, if you want to get the scoop, then click additional info!-------------------------------------------(Did you click it yet?) :P--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Demolisher Sumo


Uploaded 8/22/2014

Devastator Sumo was built by me and a team partner for my recent STEM camp, to compete in a Sumo tournament. Devastator was built using (almost :P) one EV3 Education Core Kit and one expansion. The only "rules" for the challenge were, basically, "don't go out of the ring", which left a lot of possibilities open. We quickly decided upon a ramp for the main offensive weapon, and to go with a 2-weeled design. While we were building, we added a tire dropper to hinder opponent robots. A lot of armor was added, and we even built a one-motor minibot to fight alongside Devastator, but we decided not to use the minibot. I will now go into detail on Devastator's individual parts.

brick sorter


Uploaded 8/22/2014

this robot sorts bricks



Uploaded 8/22/2014

I was working on Karl4123 gyro straight line and I needed to poste a robot

ev3 garage


Uploaded 8/22/2014

this is a base for the ev3 super team.