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19 Apr 2014

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Uploaded 4/18/2014

Hi all, when we got the gyro and US sensors we had try build one, searched long and hard on the NET to find the program. Used different wheels and did not have the right parts for the shoulders, but it works great, the spin works well, but search mode is not so great maybe cause I got different size wheels maybe need to tweak the program, but the program is quite complicated, Mom's BF will be able to figure it out I'll ask him to help. Cheers Ethan



Uploaded 4/18/2014

This robot I have made here was supposed to be a drummer, but it did poorly on the drummer test and started to smash things.



Uploaded 4/18/2014

This robot helps you to paint your eggs. It´s very funny to see how he paints. He can paint different pattern:lines, points, spots, waves and corners. It´s very easy to program, but the construction is difficult. The funniest is to see how he works.

I have racked my brain to the LIMIT!! But I finally came up with an idea. Everyone has been asked to shut doors when they are in the middle of something that they can't leave. well, I built a robot that closes the doors for them! Since I needed a faster robot and a strong motor, I couldn't use the medium motor. But the large ones were so---slow. I had to double the speed (Gear ratio: 1:2) I modified the tracks and geared the whole thing so that it is fast, has high torque, and extreme movability. And if you have dirty hands or are laying on the couch, I extended the touch sensor extra high so that you can press it in comfort and at the same time, you don't wreck the touch sensor. See additional Info for the--well, you'll have to look! (comments are always needed.) And don't forget to enter my Challenge!! (The Biped Bot Challenge.)



Uploaded 4/18/2014

My first robot, I added roller skates for good measure .