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22 Oct 2014

New in the Community

Hello, its been a while. Today I built a cart with a 2 speed very simple gearbox. The NXT servomotor is used as a counter-balance so that the robot won't fall over (for future versions). Of course it doesn't turn since it's an early prototype. That's all so please comment!

Tractor 4wd


Uploaded 10/21/2014

This is my firts tractor 4wd an trailer swingarm I have reused parts kit 42030 I think that the front axle can be improved the program of EV3 it is adaptation of RAC3 TRUCk



Uploaded 10/21/2014

ADVENTURE is now up and working as a video game for the NXT (2.0) the game does not have any digital graphics and is only one level.

CNC Scanner Printer


Uploaded 10/21/2014

Hi. Here is the CNC/Scanner/Printer. I am sorry iam have no programm for it, because iam in learning programming the ev3 with lejos and i have bevor no time work with java.... and my work not allow to do everyday sit down and learn programing. you can change on the z ray head, use the middle motor to use as a CNC with a selfmade milling cutter, can use a color sensor to scan or with a pencil or biro as printer. the other rays x - y are moving with a large motor. and the high of the z ray use can put down and up with two linear actuator and a large motor.



Uploaded 10/21/2014

This is a bot I built for a robotics competition on sustainability. It's name is caretaker because it looks after the beach. The front rotor has not been hooked up to a motor yet because I am waiting on solar panels and extra motors to help me demonstrate the bot's eco-friendly potential in the competition. This robot picks up sand and rubbish with the spinning scoop mechanism at the front and drops it onto a screen (filter). This gets the sand out, exposes the rubbish and allows the rubbish to be either left in a line behind the robot for another bot to pick up (possibly coming soon) or be removed manually once the filter is full. The same goes for the large conveyors on each side and the catcher for their rubbish is located underneath the rear of the vehicle. This robot helps with dune regeneration through its automatic planting system located at the rear. The scratchers dig up the ground, seed falls through the pipes onto the freshly dug rows and the roller rolls the seed in. Possibly more sensors being added in the future. Special pivot function in middle. Tell me what you think!!!