What do you think the crooks could do instead of causing mischief all the time?
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Challenge ends on: September 10, 2013

Challenge has ended September 10, 2013

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We want to thank all of you for your amazing entries! This was one of the most fun competitions so far, we really enjoyed all the great ideas you had for what the crooks could do instead of causing trouble all the time.
It was really difficult to narrow it down, we wish we could have chosen twenty winners! 
Here are our top three:

"Multitask Service Station" - We loved all the nice details and how they all fit together into one great, busy LEGO City scene. We also liked all the cool building techniques such as the opening roof in the greenhouse and the tire rack. And of course, its really great to see the crooks finally doing something good for the citizens of LEGO City!

"Acting" – What a great way to make a career, and certainly better than stealing diamonds! We also really like how the photos are taken to look just like a scene in a movie. Although… maybe Juliet needs to visit the dentist and get that broken tooth fixed!

"Teaching Crooks" – It is great to see the crooks finally doing something good for the community. What a fun idea that they should teach history… I’m sure they have plenty of old stories to tell! We also really liked all the details in the classroom, it looks just like the real thing.

Well done everybody!

The LEGO City Design Team

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