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22 Oct 2014

New in the Community

Autonomous car 1


Uploaded 22/10/2014

Hello again mindstorms community,this is my latest robot the self controlling car this is a very simple design with no exterior details and a very flexible steering chassis or something,you'll understand what I am talking about when you see the main picture.the steering system is different from the normal ones and so is the program the program is like this-the car keeps going in a straight line until the ir sensor detects something it turns and say's uh-oh then it repeats the program.hope you like it.

Hello, its been a while. Today I built a cart with a 2 speed very simple gearbox. The NXT servomotor is used as a counter-balance so that the robot won't fall over (for future versions). Of course it doesn't turn since it's an early prototype. That's all so please comment!

Tractor 4wd


Uploaded 21/10/2014

This is my firts tractor 4wd an trailer swingarm I have reused parts kit 42030 I think that the front axle can be improved the program of EV3 it is adaptation of RAC3 TRUCk



Uploaded 21/10/2014

ADVENTURE is now up and working as a video game for the NXT (2.0) the game does not have any digital graphics and is only one level.

CNC Scanner Printer


Uploaded 21/10/2014

Hi. Here is the CNC/Scanner/Printer. I am sorry iam have no programm for it, because iam in learning programming the ev3 with lejos and i have bevor no time work with java.... and my work not allow to do everyday sit down and learn programing. you can change on the z ray head, use the middle motor to use as a CNC with a selfmade milling cutter, can use a color sensor to scan or with a pencil or biro as printer. the other rays x - y are moving with a large motor. and the high of the z ray use can put down and up with two linear actuator and a large motor.