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LegendOfBoil-log2 by WhiteShadowMK-2

Created 13 Nov 2013
  • LegendOfBoil-log2

Everyone hopped on the ship. "Where's Boil and 99!" Yelled 66. "Over there!". Replied 21. 99 ran for the ship, but a land mine went of and he was shot into the air. When he hit the ground he got his leg stuck under a fallen dwarf spider droid. "Hurry up boil!" shouted 21. "I'm not leaving without 99!" Replied Boil. He lifted the droid with all his all his strength and 99 came out. When 99 got in the ship Boil went for the siths battle plans. He grabbed them and ran. Then he blacked out....

tags: miniseries
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