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Solana's Creation by Catgalaxy40

Created 08 Jan 2014
  • Solana's Creation

hey everyone. i dont think ive made my own creation before. sorry for the writing mistakes, a keyboard is a very big thing for a minifig. so, the picture has me, trying to eat a, um... "Mocha Frapichino" oh yeah, that. thanks cat. "No prob." they never had this in the star wars galaxy. how does tank do this? i mean, the keyboard thing. so. what do i write now... oh yeah, its like 7 degrees outside, the wind chill makes it feel like -1 or something. i have got to get better at writing on a keyboard. "Typing" yeah, that. i wonder if ewoks can, i have some work to get done, so i will write again later. -solana (lani)

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