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Alone Part One: The Loss by Jek_14

Created 03 Oct 2013
  • Alone Part One: The Loss

( this is a miniseries my clones wanted me to make. naturally, they're in it. Moderators: if you could keep the spacing, that would be great. it makes it look organized. if not thats cool too (:) Clone Base, Courasont Commander Shifan on the anouncment system: I need clones Scoops, Green Been, and 5654 front and center! a little later.... Commander Shifan: now troopers. you have been selected for a small recon mission on a newly discovered planet that may sustain present lifeforms. Been, you'll be playing Blaster. 5654-- "freddy", 5654 said What? ok freddy, youll be playing demolitions. and Scoops, though your a pilot, your a captain, so you'll be leading the clones. A jedi will be present as well. Now Move out!!! Later... Ugh, here we are, said Been. this place is a marsh! Move out, scoops said without thought, as captains have been trained to do. The clones stepped onto the slushy floor, almost slipping, as their Jedi mater grabbed his saber. A few steps forward, a small noise made Freddy turn. and what he saw made him scared. The jedi lay destroyed, and their transport had vanished out of thin air. Look out for episode 2!!!!! Jek

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