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LSWNN; 2015 set names! by cocoanut543

Created 12 Aug 2014
  • LSWNN; 2015 set names!

I found the rumor list of the 2015 winter set names! First, the battle packs! These are going to be awesome! 1. Shadow troopers battle pack! 2. Geonosian troopers Battle pack! 3. Imperial troop transport (it may or may not be a battle pack)! Next, the microfighters! 1. ARC-170! 2. Vulture droid! 3. Spider droid! 4. Republic gunship! 5. Snowspeeder! 6. AT-AT! Now for the other sets! 1. AAT (ep 1)! 2. T-16 Skyhopper! 3. TIE Advanced Prototype! 4. AT-DP! 5. Wookie Gunship (you already know about that). 6. Ezra's Speeder bike! That is all! What are you guys getting! Make sure to see my other news casts at the tag LSWNN!

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