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TNA 6... & 7. ;)... and 8A!!!!!!! by Legoking5500

Created 01 Sep 2013
  • TNA 6... & 7. ;)... and 8A!!!!!!!

6. The ship crashed and Cody felt a pain go up his arm it felt like a million bricks fell on it at once! "argh!" He shouted. He then noticed that the ropes had broken so he got up. he looked around and saw cam and his dad laying together motionless. he ran to them. they were both breathing. He gave a sigh of relief. he lifted cam up and cam opened his eyes. cam grunted and looked around. CODY! he shouted. they hugged and then looked around... they were surrounded by black droids! Cam pulled out his gun and Cody pulled out his half light saber. they ran towards the droids and brought a few down. Then he felt some thing hold his neck. Cody turned and saw Krydin holding his light saber up above his head. Cody hit Krydin with his own Krydin fell. Cody looked at cam and saw a man standing beside him helping him with a green saber. "Father!!!" shouted cody! he ran towards him and.... 7. krydin grabbed him before he could hug him. Krydin then called his droids to his aid. "take him away!" Krydin said to them. The droids grabbed him and started pulling him when cody felt a power... he pushed away and then all of a sudden he smashed the droids to pieces. Luke turned and saw the amazing thing that was happening. "The force! He learned the force!" said luke. Cody took out his Light saber and it was full and it turned orange. Luke looked confused. "he learned a whole new dimension of the force." Cam said. They then turned to The droids and they were all destroyed. Luke looked at his son and he seemed to have a glow. then a pod fell right on top of him. "NO!!!!" said luke. the pod opened and C3PO walked out with R2D2. I'm back to normal. C3 said. The pod flew off of cody and cody stood up. "I feel better now. Then krydin ran and jumped on him. 8A. Krydin pulled out his saber and Cody did the same. the then got in to an epic padawan to darth banter. C3PO hid his face. Cody then fell. "Im to tired to fight." Krydin was about to bring his light saber down on cody when Luke ran toward hi and knocked Krydin down. They bothe fell and cody stood up and fell on krydin then krydin ran and jumped into the space pod and flew away. NO! said cody. then C3PO started telling them about How he and R2 got back together. Legoking5500 8B comes out soon!! :)

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