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Part 1 of The Unforeseen Enemy part 19 by vezok934

Created 16 Oct 2013
  • Part 1 of The Unforeseen Enemy part 19

"What is HE doing here?!" says Bill. "He was appointed a new Separatist general, remember?" replies Croc. "Yeah well I don't like this guy, he was the reason Wasabi died," says Bill. "Look, try to keep your cool because if you mess this up the WHOLE Republic will fail," says Sergeant Jack. "So what's the plan?" asks Leo. "Well the odds are against us so I would suggest we use some sort of diversion," says Pancake. " Good idea Pancake. Kenny and Steve, you guys run down the hall blasting the droids. While they do that we have to hide so that the droids won't see us. Then, when the droids chase after Kenny and Steve we will rush towards the command room and take out the remaining droids," says Jack. "Then, we contact help, everyone clear?", "Yes Sir," they respond. "Alright then lets go!"___________________Sorry about how short this part was I was in a rush to get done because I needed to work on my project for school. Part 2 of The Unforeseen Enemy part 19 will come out probably tomorrow and it will be longer than this one. Stay tuned for the next part.

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