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Iron Wolves: Difficulties CH5 Part 1 by B0802

Created 10 Dec 2013
  • Iron Wolves: Difficulties CH5 Part 1

Republic Defender Program 0700 AM-[]------[]-The Clone Wars was not a big surprise. For about a month, I had known that someone was trying to get rid of senator Padme. Then I found out that the bounty hunter trying to get rid of here was my uncle, Jango Fett. Then, about two weeks later, Jango was no longer alive, leaving his three sons to come live with us. When Stormer, Startcher, and Boba arrived, it was kind of awkward with them there. "Uh, hi, guys," I had said. It turned out they were some what similar with me and my brother, Jax Corr, so that didn't cause problems. Startcher went to a school on Corailia to learn La-Lya, a Mandalorian martial art, and Boba went with him, leaving Stormer with us. Iron Wolves remained a secret project until it was finished, and then I told Stormer. He said he would think about joining.[]-1-month-later-[] After our adventure on Couracant with the freighter, and meeting Rith, Rith and Stormer had joined the cause of the Iron Wolves, which was freedom from the Akaranian Government on Mandalore. That's another story that I will tell you later. Anyways, the Clone Wars began right around a month after the trip to Couracant. We didn't really think much of it until the clones came to Mandalore. And just my luck, guess what? They came to MY hometown, Cantina Lacruu. Go figure. They went knocking on the doors of the whole neighborhood. When they knocked on my door, I opened it and said "Yes?" "The Republic requires all Mandalorians and Corailians too be checked. Can I have your name, and age, please?" the clone said. "Uh, I don't give my first name to anybody but my family. I go by my last name on everything," I said. "And what is that?" the clone asked. "Corr. I go by the name of Corr." I said. "Thank you. And age?" "21. Also, um, who is you Jedi general?" "Thank you. My legion, the 501st legion's general is Obi-wan Kenobi. Why?" "Oh, just wondering. Thank you, commander." I said, finally closing the door. Five minutes later I found myself opening the door again. "Mind giving a fellow a tour of your quarters?" I asked. "Uh, that's an odd request, but since you answered my questions so patiently un like the others, sure." {}------------------{}TO BE CONTINUED

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