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why dose everyone like Darth maul so muc by legobricks1634

Created 10 Dec 2013
  • why dose everyone like Darth maul so muc

i pull my hair out when i read comments on my posts about how Darth maul is so cool and Darth Vader is just okay i don't know why people like him so much he hardly talked he did look cool and he died (suppressible) in episode 1 he WASN'T that cool even in the clone wars were as Darth Vader is the Best Movie Villain Ever i had nightmares about Darth Vader coming into my room when i was a kid because he was so scary and evil he blow up Planets what did Darth maul do? he strikes that Jedi who's name i cant spell. true star wars fans know Darth Vader is better only the little kids who just watched the clone wars and not the movie like Darth maul.

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