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EMPIRE AT WAR by blazer6284

Created 29 Aug 2013

Chap 1. BREAKING POINT It was a warm morning in the outskirts of Tatoonie. As i walked outside my destroyed escape pod, i noticed that their was a iron suitcase hardly burned or destroyed. As i picked up the suitcase i gasped in pain. "OOhh", as i groaned loudly. The suitcase was still burning hot after my escape pod crashed. I poured some water on my hand to stop the burning. I went back inside my destroyed escape pod to try to find a radio. As i threw piles of broken metal outside i noticed that i was the only one that was in the escape pod. I looked outside and saw footsteps strecthing across the desert. I looked back in the escape pod and noticed a radio across from me. "How did i not see that?", i thought to my self. I walked toward the radio and tried to turn in on. I discovered that the batteries were burned out. Just then i heard a noise. I looked outside my escape pod and gasped in horror as something behind grabbed my shoulder.

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