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join the starry blue mandos! by legomasterbuilder8686

Created 01 Feb 2014
  • join the starry blue mandos!

JOIN THE STARRY BLUE MANDOS!!!!!!we will be joining the iron wolves to defeat the blood red mandos!!!!!if you join the BRM(blood red mandos)its a TRAP!!!!they just want to have more people on their side!!!!!us,starry blue mandos,need more people on the starry blue mando side!!!we will be losing,and the BRM are going to take over the star wars gallary!!!and so as the burning mandos!!!we need all of the people in the star wars gallary to join the starry blue mandos!!!!!!!!please!help us win the battle of the BRM and the burning mandos!!!and the iron wolves,well,they maybe joining to overrule the we need as much starry blue mando supporters to help us win the battle of the BRM!!!people out their,JOIN THE STARRY BLUE MANDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tags: lego, star, wars
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