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Juggernaut Announcement #1 by LEGOboy3486

Created 08 Oct 2013
  • Juggernaut Announcement #1

My weapons company, Juggernaut, is looking for new members! We have 4 positions available. Comment if you want to join and please include the job you would like to have. Here they are: contest organizer (they run contests), set reviewer( they review lego Star Wars sets), Space designer(they design space ships only), and MOC/Vignette builder(they create MOCs and Vignettes). Everyone still has to post lego Star Wars custom guns apart from their jobs (with the exception of the space designer). You must post weapons, reviews, and MOCS often according to your job. Remember there are only 4 SLOTS. B0802 is the Vice President of the company as well (don't worry, there are still 4 slots). Whenever posting something for Juggernaut, please include our logo, the tag Juggernaut, role of the weapon, affiliation of the weapon, name of the weapon, and facts about the weapon including its range, ammo capacity, and the type of shot it can fire (for example, stun shots). Please include a front and side picture of the gun as well, and also show the parts included for the gun (handguns only, not spaceships). That's it, THANK YOU! -LB OUT

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