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The Unforeseen Enemy part 18 by vezok934

Created 15 Oct 2013
  • The Unforeseen Enemy part 18

After nearly a year of waiting, part 18 is finally here. Sorry that it came put later than I said it would____________ The zombies ran towards the squad of eleven clones as the clones did their best to slow them down. ”BLAST THEIR FEET TO SLOW THEM DOWN!” shouts Sergeant Jack. After various shots are fired the clones figure that there are just too many zombies to shoot at. “Guys, we have no choice but to run!” says Bill. Just then one of the zombies reaches Mike and attacks him. Mike punches it and tries to run but two more run at him and he is swallowed up into the horde of zombies. “We can’t save him, come on follow me!” says Jack. So the clones blast a couple of the zombies and run away. “Where is the control room?” asks Kyle. “This way”, says Jack. He was the only one who knew where all the rooms were, for he was in charge of the base before the attack. As the turn the corner the zombies appear from the hall behind them and they chase after the clones. “Someone, throw a grenade at them!” commands Jack. Kenny pulls out a plasma grenade and chucks it at the zombies. It explodes and the walls in the hallway collapse taking most of the zombies to the grave and blocking the remaining ones behind the rubble. “Well that solves the problem,” says Blaze. “Freeze clones!” commands a battle droid. “Out from the frying pan and into the fire,” says Will. “Don’t just stand there, FIRE!!!!” shouts Jack. The clones blast the droid and continue through the base. Just as they were reaching the command room they spot thirty or so battle droids, two destroyer droids, six commando droids, and ten super battle droids. But, not only were there droids guarding the command room, but an old friend of theirs was there too. They recognized him as Commander Deck.

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