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How I got to Lego Star Wars creations by loveslegos02

Created 22 Aug 2013
  • How I got to Lego Star Wars creations

How did I get to Lego Star Wars creations? That has a history. About a year ago, I would go on here and just comment- I didn't know how to upload things. Somehow, I got my interests caught up in American, then plain old Star I was on Star for a little while, then I found a game called Clone Wars Adventures, and for eight months it was all I thought about. Then I got sick of it, and stopped for a while. (I check on my freinds on there once a week) Then I decided to re-trace my steps. I ignored Star, because it was all about this disney barf. I went to american girl- too girly. I tried MLN- couldn't get to rank three. Then I went to the beginning- Lego Star Wars creations. And I was very happy with it! It got me interested with legos again, and I could express my creativity! (You can't do that on any other website!) I started uploading things from LDD, then found a way to upload pictures. Smile for my stay and Star Wars! Thats my moddo! And I'm happy I'm here, and hope my stay will be long! Blessings!

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