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Chapter 4.1- Sean and Kenobi. by agentsky1022

Created 04 Nov 2013
  • Chapter 4.1- Sean and Kenobi.

Kenobi, on a hidden base with a bunch of clones, received word that a boy had been discovered in the Tatooine battlegrounds. (*) He had gone to the talking bay to greet the boy, who had by now awaken. (*) His leg had healed- apparently it had been sprained, not broken- and he was very pleased that Kenobi wanted to meet him. (*) “You want to meet me?!” Sean asked, amazed. (*) “Yes, of course,” Kenobi answered him. “I’m anxious to know all about you.” (*) Sean gasped. “You are? WOW! Okay, so I found this message thingy, and it took me to a hole, and I fell in, and everything went black! And then there was this clone, and-“ (*) “Whoa, whoa!” Kenobi laughed. “Maybe you should come to my quarters so you can tell me the whole story.” (*) Sean gasped again. “You want ME to come to YOUR quarters? Wow!” (*) As Kenobi led the convinced-he-was-still-dreaming Sean to his room, Sean was telling him his story. (*) “So I come from this other galaxy, called the milky way. I work for this government called YXALAG, and they wanted me to get back a message they lost. So I found it, and I was chased by some bad guys from YNIAL LIV, and I fell down a hole, and got unconscious. When I woke up, I was here!” (*) Kenobi looked thoughtful. “Can I see this message?” (*) Sean handed him the message, and Kenobi read it. “The Galaxy exists. And it also has some coordinates on the bottom.” (*) Sean frowned. “How do you know what it says? I didn’t give you the translator.” (*) “What translator?” Kenobi asked strangely. “This message is written in plain Aurekbesh.” (*) He pointed to the words ‘secret message’ in plain English on the top of the paper. “That’s the part I don’t understand.” (*) Sean frowned again. “I couldn’t understand anything but those words.” (*) Kenobi nodded knowingly. “So they have a different language in your world?” For some reason the fact that Sean was from a different world didn’t surprise him. At least not on the outside. (*) “No, not really,” Sean said. “The same language, but I guess a different writing or…” He shook his head. “It’s all so confusing. Does it matter?” (*) “No,” Kenobi admitted, “Not really. But now I have another question for you. Sean, from another land, will you join us in our battle against the Seperatists?” (*) Sean’s heart skipped a beat. Join the Republic? Join Kenobi? (*) Awesome! (*) Character limit.

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