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The Rise Of Darth Kyo Season 1 Ep 4 by preston5647

Created 18 Dec 2013
  • The Rise Of Darth Kyo Season 1 Ep 4

"Self destruct in 30 seconds" said the computer. "Guys, what if we cut the door open with a lightsaber?" Yoda said. Slek and Kyo followed Yoda to the door. They all got close to the door and cut mini doors for them to fit in. "5 seconds" said the computer. They now could get out. "2" said the computer. they jumped out quickly. BOOOOOOM! the explosion pushed them foward, but also hurt them. They fell down the mountain and landed on the ground. They jumped back when they noticed there was a avalanche. Rocks fell down. The rocks scattered all around the ground. They sliced all the rocks in their way. A big boulder about 10x bigger then Kyo rolled to them. They ran. Then there was a big pile of bricks, from there, it looked like a broken village. "It's a village, lets get to it!" Slek said. Yoda and Kyo followed Slek. They ran to the village. Then they looked behind them, the boulder stopped! "We're safe!" all of them said. They got to the village, and it was just a pile of bricks from a village.. Kyo said, "What if I built a speeder?" Kyo used the force to put the bricks together. The bricks went into a speeder. it had 3 cannons, 2 rocket launchers, and 3 seats. Kyo, Slek, and Yoda all jumped in the seats. They rode off to find the HQ. To Be Continued..

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