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EMC role play! by BARCCommando

Created 07 Jul 2014
  • EMC role play!

MODS HERE IS A FIXED POST! SORRY FOR THE MESS UPS EARLIER!(role play) "Here is the reconnaissance of the empires prison in the Cadovoe (Cu-da-voe) system Darin." I said to Darin Shi the commander of the EMC. "I hope you did a good job Steel because you will be needing it on youre assualt on the prison." "You want me to assault it?"."Not just you but youre new command" he said as he pointed out the window to a newly finished heavy cruiser being readied in the mandalorian dockyards."You are now the commander of the dynamic and all its assets. Now go do some damage!". "Yes sir! I will make the empire fear the name of the EMC!" I said as I walked to the door. "Oh and Steel" He said as I turned around, "I put a present on board that I think you will enjoy". "Thank you sir!". I wasted no time on getting aboard the Dynamic. While I was on my way to the bridge four EMC troopers with spec ops symbols on their armor stepped in front of me. "Theta squad reporting in". I immediately recognized one of them as shockwave the demolitions expert who went through the EMC's elite spec ops training course with me. "So you troopers must be Darins present". "Yes sir" he pointed to the tough looking guy to his right, "This is Razer, he is our Navigator who could take down a rancor with out a weapon". Then he pointed to a trooper with flame markings on his helmet, "Inferno here is the sniper whose confirmed hit count is second only to you know who"."Who is this guy" I said as I pointed to a trooper with a bionic leg. "That is Takato, He is a our medic and tech specialist, he is like a droid". We all chuckled. I then turned on my comlink "Lets get off the surface and prepare for light speed to this coordinate". "Roger that" the ships pilot said. I looked at Theta squad "Lets take the fight to empire". (end of role play) This is a role play story that I am doing with the new command that Maxbalter gave me. Thanks Max! I am not a very good writer but I hope you like it! FOR MANDALORE! ~ BARC

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