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A Preview of An Otherworldly Journey. by agentsky1022

Created 02 Nov 2013
  • A Preview of An Otherworldly Journey.

This is a preview of a story based on Brenbear1's comic. This story won't be as good if you read it normally- copy and paste it into word and press enter after each (*) Sean, bruised, sweaty, and carrying a coded message, zoomed out of the secret facility on his motorbike. “Hey you!” One of the guards called to him. “What do you think you’re doing?” In response, Sean just cranked up the power. (*) Stealing a quick glance over his shoulder, Sean noted a bunch of cars zooming out of the white domed building. “Not good,” he muttered to himself. A quick check at the gas affirmed that if he didn't find a hiding place soon his gas would run out. And this motorbike wasn't exactly fast either. (*) The cars chasing him, on the other hand, were made for speed. (*) Shifting his position on the handlebars, Sean gave the vehicle a sharp twist, diving into the brush. As the cars pulled up, the Guards exited their vehicles and marched into the twisted garden/forest outside the center. (*) A lone guard, wearing an officer insignia, was talking to a scientist. “The boy got away,” he was saying. “We think he took the message with him.” (*) The scientist stroked his double chin. “Tell the guards to search extra hard. We can’t let that message fall into government hands. It could mean disaster for our operation. Find out who the boy’s working for.” (*) The scientist’s dark eyes expanded, and his fist pounded against the roof of one of the cars. “Get, that, MESSAGE!” (*) The officer gulped. “Of course, sir.” (*) First chapter up soon! The tag for the story is SKYJTTSWG

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