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New Adventure Squad: Announcement by CoopWoo

Created 12 Aug 2014
  • New Adventure Squad: Announcement

Hey gallery people! I am making my first role-play adventure story with these minifigures! Order from left to right: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shiny Whiteout (White Trooper Commander Grass (Green Trooper) Jedi Knight Ella (The one with the lightsaber) Commander X (The ARC Trooper with an unknown name) Captain Volcano (Orange Trooper) Lieutenant Rain (Blue Trooper) Demolitionist Rocket (The one in the tank) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story will start Saturday, August 16 or Sunday, August 17 and will be about a squad of troopers stranded on an unknown planet after Order 66 where they meet a Jedi and fight their thoughts about whether they should end the Jedi or not. Have Fun and wish me good luck! May the Force be with you and all that stuff!

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