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CMB part 1 by ninjagofan1085

Created 06 May 2014
  • CMB part 1

(roleplay) we moved into take out an imperial outpost on mandolore. I said to my troops "lets take back mandolore!" this was it, all the stormtroopers and officers went to eat at the mess hall. I whispered to my troops "lets go, we can sneak in through the air vents". "yes sir" said the troops. we steathly sneaked around until we got to the air vents, we climbed inside. "looks like this vent hasn't been used in years, maybe even sense the clone wars." said my second in command Drac. we got above the room were they keep the weapons and the walkers we carefully jumped down. we grabbed all the weapons we could but then an imperial stormtrooper barged in. I ignited my dark saber he quickly grabbed his holo-phone and said "we have madolorian scum on level 12". Drac quickly jumped in to the AT-ST and fired at him "I got him" said Drac. "don't get cocky" I said. we blasted the door open there had to be like 50+ stormtroopers I ignited my dark saber and well.. lets just say there is 50+ less stormtroopers in the galaxy we got out by using the AT-ST as a battering ram know we had a full armory (roleplayover)

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