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EMPIRE AT WAR PART 2 by blazer6284

Created 29 Aug 2013

Chap 2. FRIENDS As i spun around i saw another storm trooper. Just then when I was about to speak he tossed me on his speeder bike and tied me to it. As i was hustled in a dark room, I felt afraid. As the other storm trooper pushed me into a chair,he closed the iron door behind me. I looked around for a second then a figure jumped out of the shadows. "Who are you said the dark figure,".I paused for a second and stared at the figured person." My name is Jack,". The figure stared at me for a second then started to walk around the dark room. "Where is it", the figured person said. "Wheres what?," I answered. "THE SUITCASE!", said the figured person. Just then i heard yelling and people shouting orders outside the door. The figured person commanded his guards to check it out. just then door exploded. As i fell down a storm trooper come through the door. I noticed the storm trooper and said,"Jackson?". "Thats me said the storm trooper". Jackson picked me up and carried me out of the room and threw me on his speeder bike. "Whats happening?",I said. "I will explain everything to you when we get back to base,"Jackson said. then we sped across the sandy dessert.

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