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Hardcore Mission 4 by micronex

Created 25 Jul 2014
  • Hardcore Mission 4

After the gunship exploded Rys and his men were driven into caves. Spider droids came out of nowhere and attacked Rys ,and his group. They blasted the droids and got to rocky lava river. "Fire your cables men," said Rys. The group slid over the cables to a landing pad for the old route of the citadel. Rys contacted the republic fleet with five republic Jedi class cruisers. The fleet went straight to the blockade of trade federation ships. ARC fighters started heading straight for the command ships. Three fighters and several gunships headed straight for the landing platform. Meanwhile Rys team was fighting off crab droids and STAPS. The gunships were closing in hard to get to the landing platform. The ARC fighters destroyed the citadel, and the republic fleet got through the blockade. Rys saw gunships above and loved to see some fresh men. Rys was grateful that they made it alive. Everybody went back to the cruiser to go to christophis because the droid army has tooken it back. Well boys here we go again. I hoped you like these four missions get ready for another four in the next chapter of Hardcore Missions

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