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SVMR: EP. 8 SE. 1 by cheeriosandlegos

Created 09 May 2014
  • SVMR: EP. 8 SE. 1

[Role Play] I strapped some of my old armor onto Leah. She wore some of my old Mandalorian armor, an old gun-belt, and my old Mandalorian knee-pads. I handed her a Darksaber-Daggar and a pistol. I could tell she was scared, I could sense it with the Force, but she was still brave. “It is okay to be scared,” I told her as I knelt down to her height, “just not to be a coward.” My brown eyes met her blue ones. Today, we were going to find Darin Shi. X landed my airspeeder in the middle of the garden. Sure enough, there was a large hatch. I used the force to open it. It seemed to be a mine shaft. The air coming from it was putrid. I put my helmet on, as did the rest of my team, then we began the decent into the mine. As we made it to the bottom, I could see that the tunnel was not a mine, but a temple. I didn’t like it from the start. The walls were covered with carvings of ancient Mandalorian warriors destroying Jedi. “Let’s get Darin and his men, and get out of here,” Blast murmured. We proceeded down a large hall; the area was covered with the remains of once living beings. We proceeded yet further. The hall was lined with little corridors leading off of it. I suddenly came to a stop; I felt the force draw me down a hall to my right. I slowly proceeded down the small corridor into a large room. In the center was Darin and his men! “Your not who we expected to come through that door,” Darin remarked. I turned back towards the doorway. I could here the tramping of metal feet. My team and I slowly back away from the entrance into the center of the room with Darin. I could see a menacing figure slowly gliding towards us. “What is that??” Yorin asked as the Monster moved ever closer. “He is Cassus Fett. He has prolonged his life with cybernetics,” explained BARC. I drew my pistol. Cassus drew his Darksabers. “I see I have new visitors!” he remarked. The room was un-lit, except for a stream of cold blue light streaming in from a square hole in the ceiling onto the center of the room where my team and Darin’s men stood. We all charged at him. Unbelievably, he could take us all on! He seemed unstoppable! As we were battling, I saw Leah slip away. I hoped she would make it to safety. Eventually, we became separated. Cassus was at one side of the room, while the rest of us stood on the other. We were tired, beaten, injured, and most of all, enduring. Cassus made an evil, mechanical chuckle. “You look tired, victims,” he taunted, “Would you like a rest?” He drew his Darksabers again, ready to charge at us. But, before he could make his lunge, he was crushed by a large boulder! I looked up to where the boulder had come from; it was Leah! She had pushed a boulder down off a ledge onto Cassus. [Role Play Over] I will post the next part shortly! This part was inspired by The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring; Balin's Tomb. :P Anyways, God Bless~ Sand :)

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