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New , humorous contest! by Cimpan12

Created 04 Nov 2013
  • New , humorous contest!

Koh to ya! In honor of the up coming holiday, Thanksgiving, I am making a contest! Read the title on the picture, yep! It's a Lego Star Wars minifigure mixing contest! We will have to rounds, this round all users can post their funniest and best mix, my favorite three favorite mixs will win round one, in round 2 the creators who had won the first rounds will battle off, I will have to choose my least favorite mix out of the three and eliminate that user. In round 3 the last two creators will post their funniest and best mix and of course one will win.:) The prize is a like on ten creations. Round one will begin today and end next Monday, so hurry! Oh! I almost forgot about the rules!:P Ok, so the mix must be made of STAR WARS minifigure parts. You can't copy another creators mix and of you move on to the next round you have to make a new mix. Remember: You will win by creativity and how funny your mix is! And the tag is legostarwarsmix.:DWell that's all I hope ya'll join the contest and have fun! God bless!-Cimpan

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