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Hardcore Mission 7 Rugosa by micronex

Created 25 Jul 2014
  • Hardcore Mission 7 Rugosa

Rys and his men were swishing their way through Rugosa. The smoke in the air was thick and they couldn't see anything. They found some landing area that could be held as a base. Once the group has landed they will go through the narrow valleys of Rugosa, through tunnels, and then the enemy base. Landing on Rugosa was pretty hard, the droids were over shooting the landing zone. They were trying to get as close as they could. The droids were out numbering them by thousands. Rys and his men landed on the ground with some new men. "Boys meet Trek and Dark, they were drafted to the hardcore troopers, meet your new team Trek and Dark," Rys said. Everyone was greeting Trek and Dark. "Now everyone were going to battle in the clear. No cover no nothing, now move it troopers!" Rys said. The smoke was very thick that they couldn't even see the enemy. Some the of the troopers that landed were shot the minute they came out of the gunship. The droids were putting heavy pressure on the clones. "Hanging in there Trek?" Jes asked. "Oh I'm hanging in there. On my visor I can see some commando droids running toward us," Trek said. "Warn the other or else our mission is compromised," Jes said. Everybody saw the commando droids and killed them. The clones kept running and finally found the gate. Droidekas started coming out with commando droids and battle droids. "Why does everything have to be so complicated," Trek said. "That's what the Sith do, make it complicated," Jes said. After they got pass the gate. Rys found them. "I thought I lost you two. We didn't see you go toward the gate," Rys said. "Well I want to keep moving," Jes said. "We will later," Rys said. Like the Hardcore Series go check out the first one and search Hardcore

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