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A.I.P.A epi:4 sea:1 The Truth (the end) by Cimpan12

Created 29 Aug 2013
  • A.I.P.A epi:4 sea:1 The Truth (the end)

"I saw her with my own eyes,"Palpatine told the Judge. Thank you,Chancellor,"The judge from Naboo said. He then glared at Alana with his green eyes. "Do you have something to say?"He asked her. Alana gulped.She pressed against her pants pocket to send a signal to her friends to bring Alanis in. "In a moment,"she told the judge. "Why?Do you have to think up a good lie?"He asked. "NO!I didn't do it!"Alana repeated for the millionth time. "I have proof!Sit down, Young one!"The judge scolded. "I did it,"Alanis shouted from behind in a mix of mad, sad,and a scared tone. The audience gasped.The judge was shocked.And Yoda almost fell of his chair. "Whosa are yousa?" Jar-jar broke the silence.He was standing up in his chair next to Amidala in the audience. "Jar-jar!Sit!"Padme hissed. "I am the real Alanis!"Alanis explained. The same thing happened, except Jar-jar kept quiet this time. "I am a duplicate off of this girl,the real Alanis, my number is 244,"Alana began to explain,"Need proof? Check out the cloning record book, 244 isn't there.As some of you know, when a clone is made there's a screen under the machine that says the clone's number.The number that it showed when I was made was 244." No one said anything, just looked at them with there jaws dropped as low as they can be dropped. "Alanis tell them the story,"Alana demanded, she knew that Alanis could get them to understand, after all she was the one who actually remembers it clearly! Alanis pretended that she didn't hear her. Ahsoka pulled her hands from behind her back, she was holding her lightsabers,"Look, girly!I can put these through your back easily if you don't start talking THE TRUTH." Frightened, Alanis said the whole story, for proof Jax called a few Jedi Masters to come and use the jedi mind trick on Alana. At that moment the audience began to talk among each other.They all knew who won the case. "What's your full name, again?"The judge whispered to Alana. "Umm, could you change it from Alana Deritha to Alana 244?"Alana asked. He smiled (for the frist time that day) and nodded. BANG!BANG! The judge smacked his wooden hammer against the table,"Attention!I have made my decision!" The crowd was silent. "Alana 244 is not guilty!And Alanis Deritha will be put into jail for, 6 years!" Everyone cheered, except Alanis of course. Alana beamed with joy.Everything was back to normal! She looked at a group of clones who were applauding for her.The nodded their heads at her.She nodded back. "Actually, things aren't ever going to be "normal" again!"Alana thought to herself. She knew that this was the start of a new relationship between her and ALL the clones and she knew that tonight she could finally sleep with out having the disturbing thought about who Alanis was, yes things weren't ever going to be the same again, but Alana was sure that she could adapt to this new normal easily. ************************************************************** THE END ************************************************************** Kotoya!So this was the final part to episode 4: The Truth!:D Tune in next week on Thursday for episode 5:Kidnapped and Starnded, and Hungry,and Lost,and- You Get the Point. (Yes that's what the episode is called. Well thats all for now! God bless yousa!

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