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Miniseries Ahsoka Meets Mario 1 by RebelLeader1442

Created 09 Nov 2013
  • Miniseries Ahsoka Meets Mario 1

Yeh guys I am going to do a mini series it is called Ahsoka meets Mario. Hope you enjoy! I made this book for my little brother!A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Ahsoka was outside the Jedi temple with Nate Jedi. Nate Jedi had just become a Jedi and was telling Ahsoka about his friend Mario. Nate told her he is on TV and Mario was able to get to his world. He also told her about their adventure. “I’m sorry Nate, but I think you were just dreaming. I do not think Mario is real anyway there is no proof that he is real,” said Ahsoka.“You will meet Mario one day and you will find out you were wrong all along,” said Nate angered. “Sorry, but it isn’t going to happen,” Ahsoka answered. “You are so mean!” Nate said running off to the Jedi Temple. Ahsoka chased after him, but suddenly a big void came and Ahsoka fell into it and landed in a big bush of flowers. Ahsoka got out of the flowers. A princess who was next to the flower bush screamed and ran to her castle. She came back with two little mushroom head people who had spears and capes. “I am not going to hurt you. I ran into a void by mistake and it took me here. I didn’t mean to land in your flower bush,” Ahsoka said. “Oh, I am so sorry, toads you can go back to your duties. Please come with me for dinner, my name is Princess Peach by the way, what is your name?” asked Peach. Ahsoka said, “Sure, I would love too! My name is Ahsoka, nice to meet you.” At the dinner table everyone was seated waiting for the toads to serve them. “What are we having for dinner?” asked Ahsoka. “WE ARE HAVING ‘LAGUIINEE’, MY FAVORITE!” a man in green said.“I have no Idea what you just said. I also do not think ‘lagui’ or whatever you said is a word. What is your name?” Ahsoka asked. “My name is Luigi. I already know your name, the toads told me. This is my bro Mario a…” “Wait! Mario?! Do you know Nate Jedi?!” Ahsoka interrupted.“Do you mean Nate?” Mario asked.“Yes!” answered Ahsoka.“How is he?” Mario wondered.“Oh, great,” Ahsoka said sadly.“That sure doesn’t sound great,” Mario said worried.“No, no, that is not what I meant. Nate told me about you and I told him you are not real. Now that I have met you I feel really bad. I do not know what I am going to tell him. I don’t know how he feels right now,” Ahsoka answered.Meanwhile at Coruscant, Master Yoda told Anakin to find Ahsoka so Nate could tell her something. Anakin sent out a squad of troopers to go find her since he could not find her at the temple. Padme came over to see Anakin. “Anakin I saw something very strange,” said Padme I saw Ahsoka chasing Nate. All of a sudden Ahsoka disappeared. She couldn’t have gotten inside anything and she was in a place she couldn’t hide. So I am a hundred precent sure that Ahsoka has disappeared.”“Thanks Padme! I will check it out and send out troopers to different planets,” replied Anakin and kissed her thanks. Padme left and a little while after she left, troopers who were scouting around the Jedi temple came back to Anakin.“General Skywalker, we have found one of Commander Tano’s lightsabers,” Rex said while handing Anakin one of Asoka's lightsabers.“I hope she has the other one,” Anakin said while taking the lightsaber. Anakin reported all the information he had found to Master Yoda. “The force tells me she is not alone,” Yoda told Anakin to calm him down.

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