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Agent Penguin 15- Jedi Survival by TheRingWearer

Created 13 Dec 2013
  • Agent Penguin 15- Jedi Survival

This is for my good friend Agent Penguin 15. You may know me from the LOTR Gallery, writing a miniseries called Legend of the Guardians. Anyway, this is a poster for AgentPenguin15's miniseries called Jedi Survival. I think it's pretty cool. You can use it if you want, Agent15. Please read this miniseries, coz it's epic! It's about a surviving Jedi who must escape the wild planet of Varsip. Giant, poisonous spiders and clones roam the planet. Can the Jedi escape? Or will he fall to the cloanes, spiders and mysterious sith who's hunting him down? DUN DUN DUN! The Ring Wearer out!

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