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How to upload stopmotions. by agentsky1022

Created 27 Oct 2013
  • How to upload stopmotions.

NOTE: I WILL NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT FOR THIS. THIS METHOD WAS NOT DISCOVERED BY ME, NOR WAS IT ORIGINALLY POSTED BY ME. I AM JUST REPOSTING IT ON THIS GALLERY. THE ORIGINAL CREATION, ON THE LEGO.COM GALLERY, WAS IN FACT MADE BY SERVANTOFTHESON6. YOU CAN FIND HIS ORIGINAL CREATION HERE:, anyways, his method should work on here. Upload a creation to the Lego Video Games gallery, one with a video attachment. Right click on the video, and select 'copy link'. Paste the link here and poof! You now have a stopmotion on here. If somebody follows the link, they can watch the video you posted on a different gallery.

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