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BDC miniseries: The raid by legowars2000

Created 07 Jul 2014
  • BDC miniseries: The raid

The W.O.L.F elites captured us, and were directly taking us to their leader, Wolf Surge. say Suddenly a GAM star cruiser landed, it was filled with 501st, EMC, and ERST troopers attacked. The ERST was a clan of elite clone troopers that aided the BDC on Mandalore. The leader is named Commander Claw. They obliterated the W.O.L.F elites and rescued us. Darin walked up to me and broke off our handcuffs with his darksaber. "You came!" I said. "We never leave any body behind." Said Commander Claw. W.O.L.F elites found us and attacked. But the AF was no match for all of us. I slashed a W.O.L.F elite with my darksaber. "Over there! That must be the way to the reactor!" Shouted Ghost. An AF official opened the door and went through, leaving it open. We went in and attacked the W.O.L.F elites in there. Packer even threw one into a ventilation shaft. We noticed another doorway. "Mix! You know the drill!" I shouted. Mix walked forward and nodded. He placed a detonator on it. After several seconds, he shouted, "clear!" And the doorway nearly exploded. We went through the flames of the burnt doorway, into the next room. "Yuck, this place smells like bantha fodder." Complained Redrip. "And you think a weird smell will take us down?" Joked Mix. "Look!" Shouted Packer. It was a completely blank room, but it had a prison chamber for two people. To be continued, mods please accept.

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