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Hardcore: Mission 2 by micronex

Created 24 Jul 2014
  • Hardcore: Mission 2

And were back for another Hardcore Mission. When Rys and his little team made it up the narrow corridor they found themselves in the prison. Rys found the cell the four troopers were held in. But the commando droids came in and attacked Rys and his group. They nailed all four of the commando droids. They were able to get Skips and his group out of the jail cell and ran toward the command center. Droidekas changed their plans and they went into the old tunnels. After that they came up to a dead end and had to blow up the wall. Commando droids were shooting from behind and Jes was holding them off. They put down cables and starting going down the cliff. There was electro fields as they climbed down but it was really hard through the wind. When they got down Bark lost his grip on the cable and hit one of the energy fields. Rys said "We have to go now." Liking the Hardcore series join the 501st Hardcore Club if you want to be invited.

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