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Xavier Willows S1 EP2 by samuraiX7454

Created 26 Feb 2014
  • Xavier Willows S1 EP2

Xavier jumped on a BARK speeder and took off after the mysterious Mandalorian clad in white armor......... Kyle ran into his tent and put his silver armor on and took off after his father, and Dak just stood there next to Stphanie, ''So how did you get here?''. Asked Dak. ''I came here with Justin Sand''. Explained Stphanie. ''That must have been the guy that took off right?''. Asked Dak. ''Yes that was him, could you please take off these hand cuffs?''. ''Yea sure, if you promise not to take off!''. ''I promise''. Said Stphanie ''OK''. Dak removed the cuffs............... Xavier fired a shot and hit the mando's jet pack the mando fell to the ground. Xavier landed the speeder next to the mandalorian and pushed him a side, the mando got up and hit Xavier in the nose, Xavier took another shot and missed (Cause he was tired and got hit in the nose) the mando took off but forgot his helmet, Kyle asked to follow but Xavier said no, Xavier jumped back on the speeder and drove back............ When he got there Dak was bringing Stphanie some water, Stphanie said thanks and sat down on the floor, Xavier walked up and asked Kyle why she did not have hand cuffs..................... Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it MOD's please accept.

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