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An important message. by AL42N

Created 03 Sep 2013
  • An important message.

The aftermath of a clone battle. Recently I have had many of my REALLY GOOD creations(large scale dioramas and battlefields) rejected from being posted because they have some things that aren't LEGO in it. I am very unhappy with this because the allow pictures with custom things like decals, photoshopped things (lightsaber effect, blaster lasers) and custom-made weapons made for LEGO things. But it seems when i post a picture with a few Brickarms (custom LEGO weapons) it gets rejected. LEGO, all I ask of you is that I will be able to post my hard work on this without it being rejected because it contains other things. Comment at the bottom if you've had a similar problem or agree/disagree. Thank you for your time.

tags: clones, lego, battle
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