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Imperial Club Update #11 by mbari1

Created 05 Nov 2013
  • Imperial Club Update #11

Hello everyone! Good news... we have two NEW members! Please welcome frozenfire33 and legolover7503! Also, anyone who has not yet participated in the activity or want to, please reply in the comments. The three winners of the activity will be promoted to Imperial Officers! The activity is to make a mini version of the Death Star! (Interior and/or exterior.) Now, it would be great if you guys helped me out! I'm deciding that since the 15th Imperial Club Update is coming soon, I want to do something special. Please choose which one I should do: (A) Commemorative party scene (B) Miniseries (feel free to give me a title) (C) Special "Imperial Broadcasts" episode (D) Other (specify) You may choose up to 2 choices. Thanks!

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