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Hardcore Mission 5 Christophis by micronex

Created 25 Jul 2014
  • Hardcore Mission 5 Christophis

The Rhino team engages the battle droids. (All of this makes sense if you read the Landing on Christophis in the hardcore missions.) The droids were nailing trooper after trooper. Rys called in all troopers to line up on cover. "Ready...Fire!" Rys shouted. A bunch of lasers came down the road. Battle droids dropping to the ground fast. Jes and Timo were in the front nailing the super battle droids. Skips and Kik shot some battle droids that were splitting up. "Units! Their splitting up watch behind-" Rys paused and heard battle droids coming from behind. "Our position is compromised. Begin to charge forward rhino squad will handle this," Rys said. One of the troopers started charging ,but got knocked down by a shot in the chest. All of the clones charged and cheered. most of them stayed in a group but some of them went up to droids punching them and shooting them. One of the clones lost his gun punched the droids, and hurt his hand. The clone got shot by the droid and went down. The clones defeated the front army but the heavy cannons were taking down the AAT tanks down. The droid army was still splitting but the clones cut them off. Jes finished the last of the droids and some supplies were brought in for medical. The cruisers were still fighting the blockade and more separatist's ships were coming out of hyperspace. 3 Jedi Class Cruisers came in from hyperspace and destroyed the blockade, but the droids were still landing on Christophis. Lots of the ground equipment was destroyed. They only had 5 ATRT's left and two tanks. They lost half of their clone army against the droids. "We need to continue to Southbound," Skips said. "Not yet, I want to relax for a bit Skips. We fought hard today Skips...We fought hard," Rys said. Thank you for liking the hardcore series. Post comments of how I can improve the series.

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