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Agents of Caos P4 by B0802

Created 05 Dec 2013
  • Agents of Caos P4

BDU Transport 1200 Hours Around 5 minutes later, Wolf was shaking hands with his new bunkmate, Spirit. “So uh, I’m Wolf. What’s your name?” Wolf asked awkwardly. “Spirit.” “Cool. I-“ Wolf was cutoff because suddenly the ship lurched forward. It occurred to Wolf that they had landed. He was at first confused that he saw no ship yard, and just trees, but he turned to where Spirit was looking, and through the clearing, sure enough, there was a ship yard. "You go ahead, Spirit. I'll be there in a sec," Wolf called. He walked behind a tree and watched as the transport ship pulled into the air and flew off. Then, he clicked on his wrist pads and helmet. he had built his wristpads, and the specs for it were safely hidden. Ready for almost anything, he continued Spirit through the brush. After walking about two quarters of a click, they came to a clearing. There were isles leading between speeders, transports, cargo ships, and parts that all led to one big clearing. There was a straight line of completed ships and un completed ones. We didn't have to stay quiet fo long, because as soon as we got there, we were spotted by the workers there. I stood there for a half asecond and turned around and ran not knowing Spirit was still standing there dumfounded. When I had ran far enough that they couldn't see me, I looked up and said "That was fun, wasn't it, Spirit?" no answer. "Spirit?" Oh no, he thought. I left Spirit behind! So Wolf sprinted back to the shipyard, to find that one of the workers had his 89-D pistol pointed to Spirits face. Spirit was trapped, and he was going to save him. he spread his arms out, balled his fists, and two Vitanium blades slipped out. "Hey! Leave him alone!" he yelled. Spirit seemed to get the message and punched one of the guy's pistol to the ground, and used the other fist to punch him in the face. To both of our amazement, the worker turned out to be a droid of some sort. I jumped up and then landed on another droid, cutting through it's black mechanical body, cutting the wires that gave it battery power. Within seconds, the fight was over, and we had a pile of scrap droids. 10 minutes later, they were inspecting the ships and found that they all had heavy weaponry, and serious maneuvering power, enough to fly through the Cato Shower. Wolf used his HUD to look through the data files, and found a lot of info on BDU strategic specs. So he downloaded it to a thumb drive and went to tell Spirit. But before he reached Spirit, a man wearing a helmet holding two black dark sabers jumped in front of him. "Hello again, Wolf Stormer." Writer's Notes------------------------------[] Hey guys, thanks for reading this far! I really enjoyed writing this! Look forward to the next two parts by LEGOboy!

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