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The Eleventh Squad season 2! by the-ninja12

Created 10 Sep 2013
  • The Eleventh Squad season 2!

this is season 2 of The Eleventh Squad! here it is, A trooper walked in the room, and said, "sir, there is an attack from the Sith empire soon to be here". The captain looked at him,"Get the camp ready." "ok." said the trooper. the trooper waked down the staircase, but noticed an oddly strange dark shadow in the corner. he said, "hello? anyone there?" then the strange shadow disapeared. he got frightened at what could that have been. he ran to the captain and said, "sir! sir! there is someone walking around the camp! its not a clone!" The captain then looked out the window, he saw something too. "start a patrol!" he said. Thanks for looking at the premier of The Eleventh Squad!

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