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WLT Episode 1 The start of a new warrior by t-rex8007

Created 15 Oct 2013
  • WLT Episode 1 The start of a new warrior

The Assault tank bursts through the barriers and flees from the sight. The tank suddenly got blown up by a laser from a giant Cannon. The Clones held their ground like they were born too. "Raven, They are destroying our barriers and we have no protection." Shouted a sergeant to the Commander of the Group. "If we stop were done for!" Replied the Commander. Clones started to retreat to the Cruiser. "I'm going back! If they leave we are stranded here and we could get destroyed by those giant cannons!" Yelled the sergeant as he ran to the Cruiser. Suddenly a black ship hovered over the Cruiser. It was the size of four Republic Cruisers! "No Storm! Get back!" Yelled Raven as he jumped on Storm and pulled him into a cave. Suddenly they heard a Giant Explosion. The Impact forced the two clones to the other side of the cave wall. They got up and walked out of the cave and saw the Cruiser laying there with fire over it like a flood of water. "No... No... Were trapped here forever!" Said Storm. Raven knew he was right. They were trapped in the hands of the deadliest creatures in the galaxies.... The Roclopsion (Row-Clops-Ee-on). Episode two will be out soon :) -Rex

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