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The Blood Red Mandalorians: Meeting by gloopy45

Created 01 Feb 2014
  • The Blood Red Mandalorians: Meeting

Hello to all my club members! This is another meeting of the Blood Red Mandalorians. Recently this club has gained major popularity throughout the gallery. Currently we are attacking the ruthless Iron Wolves! I have had quite a few club members leave to join their cause. This is why I am currently posting this creation, to get more members! Rules of joining: 1. You must enter my contests. 2. You must have at least 5 creations, one that you have posted in the last month. 3. You must pledge to never join the Iron Wolves. 4. You must pledge to not leave this club to make your own clan. 5. Be nice and have fun! Here are the results for my custom minifigure contest: In first place we have Stark's Fang-Jaw! Congrats! You will be moved up 2 ranks! In second place we have LegoPanama's Jag Wilus! You will be moved up one rank and receive a custom poster!(Just tell me what you would like a picture of). Congratulations! And in third place we have Snake01's custom mandalorian! Congratulations, you get moved up rank! Honorable mention: SirKendrick's entry! I love the custom speeder! Thank you everyone for entering! I'm sorry if you didn't place, I had so many entries I had to pick someone's. Currently I am not sure who or who isn't in my club so I am only posting the names of people who I am sure are still in my club and their ranks: LegoPanama: Captain/ Snakes01 Private/ -Starkiller- Sergeant/ Snakes01 Private Specialist/ SirKendrick: Private/ LukeN2004: Private/ I'm sorry if I didn't put your name in the list, I can't tell who is still in my club. Now for this month’s contest: Make a custom poster for the Blood Red Mandalorians. Some of you have already made some, but I would like all new entries. Rules: 1. No copying 2. Must have the tag brmpostercontest 3. Must be entered by February 28th. 4. Must be a club member to enter. Please like, comment, join, check out my miniseries, and have fun. Moderators, please accept.

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