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Created 25 Jun 2014

(RolePlay) The AF army had closed in on the capital. We had XT-7 explosive sonar cannons around the perimeter of the capital with hundreds of EMC and BRM units standing by. Torpedo fighters carrying the new "Massacre bomb" were fueling. 501st AT-TE walkers with Fire Team Delta and Omega were guarding the main entrance to the capital. The city shield was up, with a fleet of BRM battle cruisers hovering above. "Sir", said Riptide, "the enemy has freed the prisoners in sections 22 and 15". I thought for a moment. "Bring some of the remaining prisoners here to me", I said, "and have a ten man EMC sniper squad at ready". The prisoners consisted of ten AF rebels and two ERST troopers. I took a hologram from my belt and contacted the enemy. A picture of Wolf Surge appeared on the screen. "Why have you contacted me?", said Surge, "have you come to surrender?" I laughed. "Why should I surrender if we are the ones who are winning this war?", I said, "no, I am here to make you a deal". I motioned Riptide and the sniper squad to load their weapons. "As you can see I have multiple prisoners being held here at the capital", I said, "if you do not surrender, then we will eliminate those prisoners and your army". "I will not surrender", said Surge defiantly. "Too bad", I said, "because by coming here to attack the capital, you only endangered the ones you care about most". I turned to Riptide and the EMC units. "Fire", I said. The EMC units fired their rifles at the prisoners, defeating all of them. "This will happen to your army and the rest of the prisoners in approximately 10 hours", I said, "if you do not surrender by then, well you get the idea". I turned the hologram off. The small AF army was approaching the capital fast. The EMC, BRM and 501st army was ready along with the whole star fleet. They had 10 hours. No more, no less. If they did not surrender by then, they would fall by the thousands. It was only a matter of time before Surge surrendered. Soon, I thought, soon.

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