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flying home tommorow!:D by bernbear1

Created 18 Oct 2013
  • flying home tommorow!:D

"Rex, tell your men, thier goin home"-Anakin Skywalker, to captain Rex, Arc Troopers, Season 3, episode 2- Tommorow,(very early ) Im flying back to Switzerland! :D Yay! That means I can post even more creations, because ill have ALL my lego! (and I have quite alot!) I will, like last time, take photos on the plane, and my mum said that were flying in the night! Woohoo! The when I fly over, itll be all dark, with all those little twinkly lights... (that sounds romantic.;) haha!:P) Thankyou very much Legolover7503 and Jek_14 for being temporary leaders of the UCFC, you still are until I get home.when I get home, youll still be co leaders.thanks! Oh, Jek? Beeny wants to talk to Been..."HEY BEEN!!! HOW ARE YA? YIPEE!!! WERE GOIN HOME!!!!"

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