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Scars Of Battle Chapter: 2 by JediWizzard

Created 25 Sep 2013
  • Scars Of Battle Chapter: 2

(PLEASE DO NOT TAKE NOTE OF ANY MISS SPELLED WORDS!) Chapter 2:The South Hall "Sorry, Times up"...Those were his words before he made his sacrifice... My heart was beating louder than the sound of battle... Kicks fell to the floor with his armor shatterd and his helmet burnt... I called Red to me...I have no idea why, or how he got that name, but we called him that anway...Red was one of the most skilled medic and technission in my whole squad.... "Yes sir!" Red shouted over that battle noise... "I need you to go to Kicks, see if he is, well-" Red cought me off in mid sentence, "On my way!" he shouted behind him, running across the bunker, which had become a battle ground at this point... Red was a quick one, he never stayed around to hear the last part of what you said... it's like he allready know what you're going to say and does it ahead of time...Red blazed across the battle ground running as fast as his legs could take him...He could see the smoke from where the detonator went off with Kicks close by it lying on the ground in a cloud of smoke..."Kicks," he cried...can you hear me?" There was no respond... the smoke grew more dense, Red scanned the area with his blaster razed to his shoulder... but there was no Kicks..."this is strang" Red thought as he pursued the smok trail further into the suth hall...desperatly searching for thier lost brother... then, just by chance he glanced down at the floor where Kicks had fallen, and thier on the ground was a helmet, burned and still slightly smoking.... "Kicks' helmet?" Red thought aloud... he could tell it was his by the funny little cuts Kicks had made into it, he said it gave it more character... Red looked a little to the left and strait forward, "Hello?" he said with curiousity... Then heard the battle sease...He ran back throught the south hall and to me, he handed me the tatterd helmet... "He's gone sir, but I think he's alive, he escaped through the south hall away from the droids, there are sighns of foot prints, not of a droid's foot, but of a clone... he's alive sir, somewhere." hearing this my strength was renued... knowing he was alive was a comfort, considering that the rest of Gray Cloud Squadren was no more... I told Red this and he looked strait beck at me, through his helmet he wore the face of a torn man... he deperatly searched for his brothers, hoping that some one would hear his calls, I put my hand on his shoulder, and said: "they said they fought for Kicks, no man in this bunker lost his life in vane." I told him... "But did Kicks?" Red knelt to the ground and picked up Kick's helmet, took of his own, and put on Kicks' hemet... "The burn mark is a nice touch Red" I said to him. "And no Kicks did not, remember, our job is to protect the forming clones from droid attack, we did our job here today, and so did all of gray Cloud Squadren, But if i'm correct, you said Kicks might be alive, remember?" Apoun hearing this, Red stood strait up, turned to me and sid: "Sir, We have to find Kicks, If he is alive, he wont survive without propper medical treatment." Red continued on, But my mind was else where... I heard a noise comming from the south hall... I turned away from Red, And started to walk towards the sound... Red stopped talking, and ran up next to me. A low mumbling sound came from the hall, it was the sound of Kicks, coughing? Kicks was alive!

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