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CWN day3: by OrcCaptain2255

Created 07 Aug 2014
  • CWN day3:

Good morning everyone and welcome to CWN live today starting right now!----- BrickForge, if you don't already know, makes custom weapons, animals, scooters, armor, helmets and All MiniFig accessories. They have EVERYTHING to meet you MiniFig needs and most accessories are under one dollar (with out shipping and handling)! So visit when your needs are dire and save your credits! Another weapons making store is BrickArms, where you can just focus on weapons. They have everything starting from grenades and needle guns all the way up to sub machine guns and M2HBs with tripods and ammo! But if one weapon isn't enough, try buying one of the weapon packs, filled with over thirty firearms and blades! It's easy! Just buy the pack without having to go through the chaos of finding certain things! So now would be great to start shopping!------ As many know, I just held a meeting concerning the Disney and Lucas affair. To view or join the next meeting, click on my name everyday and keep an eye out. Some are happy that Disney bought Star Wars rights, but I think that we are headed toward a Dark age for the entire Star Wars galaxy.------- If you haven't had the chance to go out and but the new Star Wars sets, don't worry! They've only been out for 7 days so take your time on saving your money, unless your eager!------ Things are and have been calming down between the BRM and AF. So we don't have to worry about another war (for now).------- If you like video games, then it's time to rush to the store and buy Titan fall! I TOTALLY give it a five star rating and if you didn't know, it won over 75 awards! The game is for Xbox devices and I think PlayStations.-------- For now, the Wii has been out dated for about a year and a half and the WiiU has taken it's place. This new system enables you to take your game wherever you want like the DS, but this is different, if you buy the entire WiiU pack, you can play with three other people using the same old Wii remotes, but one player can use the WiiU device if you only have three Wii remotes, but I don't know if I would recommend buying it, but it's your choice!------- The new LEGO Minifigures game is out now! You can play on line for "free". there's always extra charges, but I may be wrong. The game is made like LEGO Universe for those who still miss it. So bring back the good old days and start playing!------ So last of all, we must point out that a new miniseries is coming and here's the trailer------ "Blocked my vision the dark side has. Awoken, a menace from long ago has. Feel it inside I can, a strong disturbance in the force there is.... NIHILUS!.... That new Miniseries is coming soon so keep an eye out, stay safe and have a good day! God bless!!!!! ~Galshin~

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