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Fire-Team Delta Season1 Ep7 by Xpromixer

Created 12 Jun 2014
  • Fire-Team Delta Season1 Ep7

(Role-Play) as I left the war room I headed to the hanger I passed a sergeant who stopped and asked "excuse me sir but have you seen the admiral there is a Imperial fleet heading towards us and I need to inform him", "Negative trooper, but I would try Darin' he would of seen him", I replied then I continued walking, once I entered the hanger I saw pilots running passed me to board their star-fighters, "Raise the shields raise the...", then it hit us the Impact of the missile made the whole ship quake men lay wounded and debris of ships was everywhere I got to my feet and ran to Fire-Team Delta and ordered "get the ship we'll board a frigate from there". once we boarded the frigate we saw the Imperial fire two heavy missiles at us the 1st one missed but we weren't so lucky the 2nd time, the Impact was deadly it destroyed the bridge and the east wing then suddenly I had a sinking feeling, we're falling !, I sprinted into the safe-room I locked the room with Fire-Team Deltas help we were safe, so I hurriedly walked over to the computer and checked the life-forms It was only us then I went black...(Role-Play over) I was hoping to get more comments on this season but you know I only started like a couple of months ago

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