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Kindle Squad part 2 by legogimli2000

Created 17 Jan 2014
  • Kindle Squad part 2

Mission Log entry 2 Flames spread through the entire platform. The remains of the gunship blazed in fire. I vigorously search for my companions. “Commander Kindle?” I cried as I saw his bruised body underneath the remains of the ship. I helped him to his feet. “Thanks, Streak!” the commander grunted. I continued my search for the others. Desperately I searched through the scraps of metal. Then I saw black and white armor. Moments later I pulled Grenade out and laid him next to Kindle. Before I continued looking for the others, Grenade pulled me close and said, “The explosives are still in there and were activated during the crash.” Now the race against time truly began. After several minutes I found the entire crew, except for the pilots. “Where can they be?” I franticly raced through the gunship. “Get out of there,” ordered the commander, who was off the platform with the others. Out of nowhere I heard a quick beeping. “The bombs!” shouted Grenade… ~Legogimli2000~

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