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1000 hours to live. S1E1: by OrcCaptain2255

Created 13 Aug 2014
  • 1000 hours to live. S1E1:

ESFM Role Play begins... NOW! ~{Role Play}~ 'So this is what they call luxury huh?' I thought as I stepped inside my "luxurious" apartment complex. An unpleasant smell hit me as I entered. In the corner stood three sacks. Each had slime running down the sides. A silhouetted figure came out of another corner and walked up behind me. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I spun around, about knocking the person over. " HEY! Watch it buddy." Hissed the figure. "Almost hurt my poor, old body!" I felt an elbow in my back and the next thing I new I was on the ground. The creature stepped into the light. 'Bossk!!!' I screamed in my head. He stood over me with fixed eyes and clenched fists. "Still haven't paid your half of the bargain!" he hissed. "And to think I promised you help... you CHEATED ME! Now pay with credits or I take your head to the Hutts!" I reached down towards my belt to grab a sack of credits, but he had the wrong idea and thought I was reaching for a blaster or knife. So he grabbed me by the neck and lifted me clear off the ground. I started freaking out. First, my right hand was free as my other was being squeezed by Bossk's large fist. I reached behind me and felt around. My hand touched something cold and hard. My Vibroblade was still in it's sheath. Slowly I removed the weapon from the sheath and held it behind my back. With my trapped hand, I took the Vibroblade without the Bounty Hunter noticing. With my free hand I reached up at my neck and took ahold of his hand. I gave a powerful yank, sending him backwards and freeing both my neck and arm. I lifted my Blade and rushed toward him with sharp end first. He saw me coming and stepped aside just in time. The sword hit the wall, shattering into three pieces. He reached at his belt and pulled out Twin Dual Pistols as I grabbed mine. We circled the room for a few seconds before he spoke "You take the first shot.". I lifted my Pistols and pointed them right at his chest. My fingers grasped the weapons as I felt the trigger. He dove and rolled as I shot. Both lasers hit the wall. He stood and held his weapons up and pointed them at my head. I thought for a moment and spoke. "If you smash me, the Hutts would want my head unharmed, now wouldn't they." Bossk only replied by stepping closer to get better aim at my head. I ducked as his fingers pulled the triggers. Both lasers also penetrated the wall. He cursed and dropped both blasters to grab something new. A proton missile launcher! "Have you gone mad!?!" I cried, "You'll just smash us both!" "The money doesn't matter any more." He hissed and locked his weapon on me, "I just want you SMASHED!!!!". I closed my eyes and waited for the end. I could hear him loading his weapon and snapping his safety off. "It'll only take a second." He cackled. But right when I thought everything was lost, the sound of footsteps filled the hallway and room. I opened my eyes. To my relief, Fraith was standing in the door way, hold his weapon at Bossk's neck. The hunter drooped his bazooka and ran down the hallway and out of the building. "I had it completely under control." I said. He stepped up to me and put a hand on my shoulder. We both walked out of the room. "No wonder the building was almost blown up!" he chuckled. We both laughed and I told him how it all started between me and Bossk... Role Play over..tags

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