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STCC meeting 2! by cocoanut543

Created 12 Aug 2014
  • STCC meeting 2!

Welcome to the 2nd meeting of the STCC! The last contest was to make a custom shock trooper with a name and bio. You have to do this in order to officially be a part of the club, or you will be a shiny And the winner is... Masterlegobuilder735! You get the rank Private Specialist! The ranks are; Shiny, private, private specialist, sergeant, 2nd sergeant, 1st sergeant, lieutenant, 2nd lieutenant,1st lieutenant, Captain, lieutenant colonel, Colonel, and Commander. I am the Marshal Commander. The highest rank above 1st sergeant, after I do a background check, will be appointed my second in command and will take over the club if I go on vacation or leave the gallery.( but I won't ever leave) Now for all of the members and their ranks. Masterlegobuilder735 private specialist, JLEGO2881 private, Gandalf893 private, omf817 private, WolffePack5817 private, (the following members are all shinies) awesomealex722, mrjiggle, da_bosslego, camo0713, theethanman2000, marlyn1956, carbonite01, glorenzo04, mommael, spaghettiman5326 , mrman2g3, gree41stlegion, herobrain53, wolf1316, jgread, caleod , Necromancer012, clonecommanderpj, rocky2760, nano144man, gustavoreisner , JediMasterTyranus , Starwar202, B0802, droidhunter9324, and MasterBuilderJimmy. If you want to join, ask in the comments, then upload your custom shock trooper with the tag STCC character, name, bio, and specialty. They are snipers, Demolition specialists, weapon specialists, technology specialists, gunners, reconnaissance troopers, BARC troopers, or pilots. You can't enter any other contest until you do this. The next contest is to make a custom Poster for the STCC. the rules are; 1) no copying, it has to be original. 2) has to have the tag STCCposter 3) you have to be a member and you have to have your character uploaded. 4) must have shock troopers 5) you have to have fun!!!!! I will see you all at the next meeting... P.S. I will not make squads until we have enough people that uploaded their character.

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