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F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle by ariklego

Created 29 Aug 2013
  • F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle .lxf

The F5B1, though not nearly as compact as other weapons in the F5 blaster line, is a heavy blaster rifle to the core. Developed for Mandalorian troops who need a boost in firepower, the F5B1 Heavy Blaster Rifle is well-suited to taking down tougher targets. It has a significant increase in stopping power over other F5 blasters, as well as some in range, all due to the stronger blaster bolt compression system used inside the blaster and the longer barrel. The side effect of this is less ammo per power cell, and the weapon's fire rate was decreased to compensate for this, but the F5B1 blaster's sheer power makes up for it. The F5B1, unlike its predecessors, has a fire rate of 600 blaster bolts per minute- not as fast as other F5 blasters, but still superior to other existing blaster rifles, especially heavy blaster rifles. Heavy troopers will often carry these weapons into battle. TO ALL READING (INCLUDING MODS): Again, this is NOT a real gun. Despite being made to look as real as possible, it is made COMPLETELY with LEGO bricks using LEGO's Lego Digital Designer program.

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